More good news for students. The approaches we advocate make a difference.

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Top marks follow from focus on all abilities

The West Australian

Mr Hall attributed the rise up the NAPLAN rankings to a variety of teaching practices instilled throughout the school, including the findings of University of Toronto professors Dr Michael Fullan and Dr Lyn Sharratt. John Paul College has also implemented effective feedback theories from Australian …

Teachers are inspired and professional growth = student achievement gains. #FACES

Thanks for a wonderful day. The teachers I am working with are so inspired by your work. It is the driver of all the wonderful growth within the school.  Today the data shows a 30% decrease in the number of students in the lower two bands. They were so proud.


Karen Gower-Buckley

Indigenous Curriculum and Pedagogy

Principal Project Officer

Darling Downs South West Region – Toowoomba Office

Department of Education and Training

Moving Forward at Cherbourg State School, Australia

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your work in using the 14 Parameter Research and the Case Management approach (Data Walls and Case Management Meetings). The two days last week in Toowoomba have given us the tools to move forward, and it is now full steam ahead. We have had non-stop meetings this week and are moving mountains very quickly. Some big decisions needed to be made and our work with you has been the catalyst for our leadership team to take action. Positive change is happening already!

Thank you again, and travel safely.


Kelly Green
Year 6 Teacher / Master Teacher
Cherbourg State School, Australia

Executive Director – Department of Education, State of Victoria, Australia

Thank you Lyn – you have made an incredible contribution to Victoria’s government school leaders. Your work has been fabulous learning for all of us – and so relevant to the initiatives we are embarking on system wide.

With very warm regards Gene

Gene Reardon Executive Director Professional Practice and Leadership Division Department of Education and Training State of Victoria, Australia