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The Impact of Collaboration on Student Achievement Paper Now Available

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To her work in Australia, Scotland, Ontario and many other locations around the world, Lyn brings her breadth of successful experience, the stories underlying those successes, and her renowned capability as a group work leader/facilitator. No one just listens to Lyn and leaves. Everyone learns through participation. Discover more… See more photos of recent events.

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See some photos from recent Sharing of our work at the recent CODE Project: Leading From The Middle (LFTM) Photo Journal and Reflections on May 9, 2017

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Reviewing a case study where teachers have been intentional in their assessment practices and then how a school can support broader change through these same assessment practices.

3 thoughts on “Features

  1. Great afternoon Dr. Sharratt!
    First of all, I would like to say, that I am such a fan and avid supporter of your incredible work in helping school districts around the globe in increasing student achievement in literacy and numeracy! I was able to complete my teacher practicum with the York Region District School Board when you were the Superintendent of Curriculum and Instructional Services. Having studied the Literacy Collaborative strategy in-depth, and continuing to study it up to this day, I am YEARNING for more professional development. Are there any upcoming conferences in the Toronto area that you will be doing? If so, I would LOVE to register for them!

    Thank-you so much Dr. Sharratt for the incredible work you continue to do and the rich professional learning, you share with a great many educators around the world!

    The Ontario and Canadian teaching communities are extremely blessed by your advising and we are all extremely proud of you!!! :) :)

    P.S. Your book “FACES” is an incredible and inspirational read! Looking very much forward to your next literary work…many blessings!! :)

  2. I am wondering if Lyn is doing any PD in QLD in term 4? Or does she do private consulting in schools and approximate costs. I am the principal of a large primary school north of Brisbane and I want to take my school from good to great over the next few years. I am looking for someone to challenge my thinking and ways of working.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Tracy Egan

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