FACES is available

The new Corwin book I wrote with Michael Fullan is now available. We are very pleased with the positive reaction it has received from members of the education community – teachers and administrators and superintendents. We ask our readers to use data positively, to understand what achievement data can mean to teaching strategy change in a classroom, to development planning for teachers, and to re-thinking how interventions can offer exceptional return on value in terms of early success and long term success for students who may struggle in the very early years. Hope you like it – let me know what you think. Lyn Sharratt

One thought on “FACES is available

  1. i really don’t like any of them . but somehow sheila is better. but tmk songs (selila/titeh) akhsay with some gang of jokers saying something behaving abnormal is disgusting.tmk title track without those dialogue would’ve been gr8.

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